Scholarship Database

In addition to the database, please note the JRLA in-house scholarship information below. Reach out to Ms. Velinor about these exciting opportunities. 

Class of 2018 In-House Scholarships at JRLA

(5 Students) $10,000 Jeep Scholarships - school of your choice

(1 Student) Dr. Delores A. Davis-Penn Scholarship - full ride to University of Detroit Mercy funded by Michael & Pamela Carter

(1 Student) Jalen Rose Endowment Award - full ride to University of Michigan funded by Jalen Rose

(1 Student ) Avery Johnson Scholarship - full ride to Alabama University - funded by Avery Johnson

(1 Student) Junge Family Endowment Engineering Scholarship - full ride to University of Michigan-Dearborn funded by John Junge

Scholarship Database

Please find the JRLA scholarship database at this link:

Scholarship Database
This database includes a variety of scholarships from universities as well as local and national organizations.