Alumni Support

JRLA Alumni,

We hope you are finding joy in the challenges of life after high school.  Please use the information on this page to stay in contact with the JRLA team and see updates.  We are here to continue to support you through the most important graduation of all: college graduation! 

Contact Information:

Alumni Success Coordinator- Katherine Grow

Alumni Social Media:

Twitter: jrla_alumni
Instagram: jrla_alumni
Facebook: Katherine Grow (Alumni Success Coordinator) 

Transcript Request:

Send e-mail to
Subject: Transcript Request- Your Name
Message: Please include your name again, which school you are transferring from to which school you’d like to transfer to, an address or location if you can locate one, and how quickly you need the transcript.

Scholarship Opportunities:
This has a list of many different types of scholarships you might be able to apply for depending on how you “match.” Just sign up!
Here is a link to a site that has access to multiple scholarships and if you sign up, it will send you monthly newsletters for scholarship opportunities.
Here is a list of 100 scholarships for women of color in undergraduate and graduate school.
Here’s a list of scholarships for college students from a favorite scholarship website.
Another popular website. has lots of options depending on your search.
More scholarship opportunities specific to Southeast Michigan.

Articles and Sites about Surviving College: