We encourage interested/eligible candidates to visit PromiseSchools.org and follow the prompts on the website. 

The Jalen Rose Leadership Academy, a member of the American Promise Schools non-profit charter management organization, seeks applications from teachers for all subject areas who will engage and inspire youth to achieve at the rigorous level necessary to ultimately graduate with a college degree. Duties and responsibilities of a teacher will include but are not limited to:

1. Outstanding academic achievement and student character development

  • Live the American Promise Way and be the model of a renaissance learner.

  • Create an aspirational, positive, achievement-oriented, joyful, and data-driven classroom that excites and invests students.

  • Motivate student to reach and manifest high academic and behavioral standards.

  • Build learning environments of respectful, achievement-oriented, optimistic, persistent, team-oriented, and joyful learners.

  • Hold all students accountable for proper diligence and behavior in and out of school.  


2. Professional learning, development, and growth

  • Collaborate with Deans, Captains, Chieftains, Gurus, and other members of the school team to improve instruction, culture, and results.

  • Utilize and maximize American Promise Schools’ Pacing Plan, quarterly assessments, data-analysis systems, professional development, and instructional strategies. 

  • Enthusiastically participate in formal and informal learning and development opportunities. 

Skills and Characteristic

  • Mission driven with extremely high standards for student achievement

  • Indefatigable will and spirit

  • Excellent oral and written communications skills

  • Strong belief in the American Promise Way, mission, values, and model.

  • Problem-Solving attitude with incredibly strong work ethic and humility

  • A joy of learning and leading with a sense of humor

  • Strong instructional and classroom management skills

  • Professional level of personal organization and planning

  • Willingness to respond positively to feedback with a solutions-oriented attitude

  • Mastery of and enthusiasm for subject matter 

Educational Background and Work Experience

  • Two years of teaching experience highly preferred with a proven record of high student achievement.

  • Bachelor’s degree from a competitive college or university.  

  • Possess or is eligible for a valid Michigan teaching license. 

If you are hired to fill a vacant position, your employment offer will be contingent upon:

  • Proof of your teaching credentials, if applicable;

  • Successful completion of your background check;

  • Clearance from a tuberculosis (TB) test;

  • Verification of your identify and ability to legally work within the United States.