The JRLA Way

At the Jalen Rose Leadership Academy, we don't create students, we cultivate scholars.  Scholars at JRLA have many unique opportunities and experiences.  When a scholar graduates from JRLA, the scholar is well rounded and truly lives the values of the school.  We develop this intrinsic motivation through a variety of requirements.

The 6 Promotional Requirements

In order to move on to the next grade level, all scholars must meet the graduation requirements for their grade level:
  1. Academic Success: Pass every class
  2. Responsibility: Serve all detentions earned
  3. Character: Complete 10 community service hours a year (40 hours to graduate)
  4. Unique Perspectives: Participate in 100 enrichment (extracurricular) hours before graduation (50 before junior year)
  5. Commitment: Demonstrate a strong attendance record (less than 20 absences for the year)
  6. Wellness: All scholars must pass a written health test and physical examinations

All scholars at JRLA enter the school as a member of an advisory family.  Each scholar starts and ends his/her day with an advisor.  The advisor is with the scholar for all four years of their high school career and serves as the scholar's advocate.  Advisors connect with parents, help advisors develop academic and personal skills, and meet with each scholar's parent/guardian each quarter to go over the scholar's report card and other promotional requirements. 

Summer Learning Experiences
All scholars (that do not have to take summer school) have the opportunity to participate in a summer learning experience.  Summer Learning Experiences include internships (paid and unpaid), college experiences, and dual enrollment.  Summer Learning Experiences are free to all of our scholars.

Developing Personal Discipline
The Scholar Code of Conduct (SCC) at Jalen Rose Leadership Academy helps scholars develop strong personal discipline so that the scholars have the will power to succeed in life beyond the classroom.